Our Roles

Talent Competetion

We organize talent competitions in such areas where the Talented Students have less opportunity for them. We will help out the talented students and provide them an identity and a mentorship way, following which they can do something better in their life. We will soon have some deals with the Learning Centres of various Government Programs like Skill Development Mission.

Digital Education

In this era, there is huge importance of Digital Knowledge and that is why we aim to provide basic digital knowledge to the poor one living in the outskirts of city. We will raise the awareness on the importance and scope in the digital education.

Distribution of Old Books

Some valuable books are used as a recycling material but it can be consumed in forwarding knowledge to someone. It will save both paper and expanses on the cost of new books which poor one often cannot buy. Instead of sending books for recycling, we can use it to forward knowledge and education. People can keep their old books and forward it to us using the Contact form, we will manage a shipment and the old books can be worth for us.

Education Awareness

The village areas are still not much aware of the value and importance of education in someone’s life and that is why they make their children earn rather than earn. We want to make them aware on the factors and importance of knowledge and education as we all know that it gives long term benefits and makes us self-dependent. Investing mind in education always pays many times returns.

Environmental Awareness

We often ignore the issues of the environment and feel like it’s the work of the Government, Environmentalists, Scientists and some organizations, but they are many roles which an Individual need to contribute towards the protection of the environment because “Alone we can do a little and together we can do so much”. We want to make people aware of the protection of the environment which we can do from our end.

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