About Us

We are a non-profit making organization of the service sector launched on November 2017. Our works are mainly towards the service sector. We provide educational support services to the children based out in the village and backward areas. We create talent competitions to such places where there are no such services available there. We work to raise educational awareness in the village areas so that people may find scope in education and make their kids go to school and pursue education.

We at Goli Moli Foundation are dedicated to reach out and help more and more talented students as possible. We will help and support these students to move forward with and create self-dependence and identity with their talents. We wish to see more and more students from such areas and from poor families reaching at a level of success, creating wealth generation and improving the condition of their family by themselves.

We want to become so much capable to provide the best version of ourselves in all the backward rural areas of our Nation. In our first phase of two years agenda, we will start our works in different villages of North Indian States. We honour the people who come forward to help us in our objective.

To find the real talents and support them for their way so that they become capable to earn from it.
To raise awareness on nature and its protection.
To provide the valuable books to the children.
To make youths digitally capable.

Story Behind Our Beginning

I was travelling in a train from one city to another. I always prefer travelling in local trains as it makes me meet and learn so many people from the zero level. So I was inside a local train and there was a village family closer to me. They were very socialized and supportive. As it was a long duration, so they were describing me some points associated with their village. The family was very poor and the Father was considering the importance of Education. His younger son (who was along with him) was very talented in Mathematics and Social Issues. Without the use of Pen and Paper he was very able to provide me the exact solutions which the kids under his age take 10-12 minutes in pen and paper to come out for an exact solution. He got the solution in just 3 or 4 minutes. His power of visualization was much more than the people of his age. The way he used to describe the issues of his society, even I also cannot. Though he was so much talented, but there was no one in his village who can help his talent to feed him and unfortunately his village culture and poor family taught him to work before earning. Because of the lack of Importance and Knowledge, he was involved in various earning activities which is the way too far from Education. When I asked him to take part in Talent Competition, he said there’s no Talent Competition organized and he has no money to walk even in the nearby cities. These problems got printed in my mind and the hunger of doing something for such cause started consuming my day and night thoughts.
I was still dissolved inside a circle of some problems coming in my way. Once I came out of those, I was much dissolved with my Education and Business.
But suddenly, I had crossed my heart to bring my NGO forward once my wishes will be done sufficiently.
And then it happened. And that’s how my dream came forward in form of an organization.
A lot of thanks for all my business partners, Authors, team-mates who put their service contribution towards the beginning of this organization.
I request the interested people to contribute their working towards our initiative and become a part of our Family. Please join us and let’s bring a change together.

Aayush Verma

  • contact.golimoli@gmail.com