Our Services

Talent Competetion

We organize talent competition to find out the talented kids and help them out in a way to their talents.

Environmental Protection Awareness

We create awareness on the conservation of the nature among different areas.

Valuable Books Distribution

We distribute some valuable books among the students to make their more educated.

Public Awareness on Education in Village Areas

We conduct small events in villages to create awareness on the Importance of Education in life.

Basic Digital Education

We are also going to provide basic digital knowledge to make students connected with technology and advancement.

Welcome to Goli Moli Foundation

Goli Moli Foundation is a non-profit making organization working for providing educational support services to the poor children from the most background areas. We conduct and organize talent hunt competitions at such places where there is no such facility available. We want to bring forward the talents residing in the village areas of our Nation. Most of the students have the talent but because of their limits and problems, their talents remain inside them only. We work with such creative talents and bring them forward with their talents.
Using the nature as a very serious issue, we are also involved in raising awareness programs for the protection of the environment and focus on the related issues like Pollution, Global Warming and more.
Digital Education is a sign of Development and that is why we will be providing free basic computer education to the youths in the village so that they get digitally qualified and become able to join various computer courses and get some opportunities in their hand.

Our Objectives

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